The 8-Week Transformation Course for Younger Teens

Transformation tools for life.

for tweens & teens 10 - 14 years

The 8-Week Transformation Course for Younger Teens is a group coaching program & course designed to prepare your tweens & younger teens with tools to transform their lives (and yours).

During our 8-week course, participants explore topics to encourage a deeper understanding of what’s coloring their worlds, practicing self love and reflecting during weekly classes and participate in weekly challenges to go deeper.

We’ve even dedicated a full day to media literacy and understanding logical fallacies, a skill needed in today’s changing world. 

Each week brings more inquiry and exploration through a set of tools, activities and resources. The 8-week course consists of one weekly two hour meeting, weekly challenges,  mid-week check ins through our discord server and if you choose Option #2   (description below) it includes three  1:1 coaching calls so that the teen can have personal support to apply each of the tools we’ve explored throughout the weeks. 

Course if for teens ages 10-13 years old!

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The 8-Week Transformation Course for Tweens & Teens

This 8 week course is designed to be:   25% course learning, 25% group coaching,  25% goals & accountability and 25% inner journey =  100% transformation!


Transformation tools for life.

run, jump, girl

The program information is designed to empower your teen through a body of knowledge, experiential exploration, and deep inquiry important for their transformation. 

Tools for life!

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” ~Buckminster Fuller

The 8-Week Transformation Course for Teens

Although each week has a specific focus, there’s space and flexibility around  each topic so that  teens can  focus on an aspect which is relevant in their own lives.


Week 1- The Journey Into Self

  • Looking where I haven’t looked before self discovery, self assessment
  • Tools for exploration including the emotion wheel 
  • Habits for Success

Week 2 - Mental Health & Self Care

  • What the heck is going on?  Brain, biology, psychology and more
  • Mindset hacks
  • Mindfulness

Week 3 - Filling the Tool Box

  •  Tools for depression & anxiety
  • Triggers &  positive coping tools 
  •  Self love & self love practices
  • Practicing empathy & gratitude 

Week 4 - What is Important to me?

  • Exploring core values
  • Values as a tool

Week 5- Color My World

  • Exploring the nature of beliefs 
  • Worldviews
  •  Philosophy 
  • How perspectives inform thoughts & emotions

Week 6 - Media Literacy

  • Logical fallacies 
  • Examining POV in messaging
  • Framing  

Week 7 - Healthy Friendships

  •  Creating strong friendships based on values
  • Creating healthy boundaries
  •  Hacks to being a friend
  • Friend archetypes -which are you?
  • Conflict Resolution

Week 8- Conquering the World

  • Self advocacy
  • Healthy boundaries
  • NVC framework 

The  course meets once a week in a scheduled  two hour group zoom call.  The 8-Week Transformation Course for Teens will meet on 8  consecutive Mondays, starting April 24, 2023

Each week we:

  • review and reflect the week’s work
  • engage  – deep inquiry follow up work
  • introduce and explore  new weekly themes

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building the skills and strategies necessary for self- transformation.

In addition to each weekly class, every teen is accountable for a short weekly (text) check in and group progress report. 

What is the course tuition?

There are two options for the 8 Week course: 


8-Week Course, text check-ins, resources, downloads via discord server,

  • $895 USD –
    single payment
  • 2 monthly payments of $525 


8-Week Course, text check-ins, resources, downloads via discord server +  four personalized  1:1  coaching sessions

  • $1150 USD  a single payment   
    Monthly payment option is available. 
  • 2 monthly payment of $665

Accepted Payment Methods:

Payments accepted through bank transfer,   paypal wise (formerly transferwise) or crypto currencies.

Details provided after acceptance. 

All parents of registered  teens in our 8 Week Course will receive a digital version of Lainie Liberti’s new book: Seen Heard & Understood  –Parenting & Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health  available soon through Amazon.com. This book is packed with many of the same tools we use during the course and is a great way to support your teens. 

All teens can retake the course at anytime in the future for a flat fee of $500 USD, message us with any questions you may have. 

**No teen has ever been turned away for lack of funds. Please reach out if you have a special circumstance. 

Are you ready for change?

Parents, should book a consultation with Lainie to make sure it's a match. Teens can fill out the application below.

How Do I Get Started?

Talk to your teen.  Show them this web site.  Show them the program outline.  Ask them to consider their life now and if this is something they see as beneficial. Then ask,  if they wish to participate. The only way this program works is if the teen wants to be a part of the partnership process and is interested in taking action for themselves.  If the teen says yes, parents should book a consultation first. Then the teen should fill out the course application on their own.

If you have other questions, please contact us here.


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