Tools for Your Teen’s Transformation Are Here!

Hands down, this is one of the most powerful tools I teach teens in my 12 Week Transformational Course and I’m going to share with you the how and why here.

Embracing the Voices Within:

A Journey to Inner Connection, Embracing the Voices Within:

As we embark on 2024, a new year and an opportunity for changes, I thought I send a note to you, sharing exactly how this tool works.

Have you ever thought about the voices in your head? We all have them – the constant chatter, the inner critic, the cheerleader. What if I told you that by giving a name to that voice, you could actually build a friendship with it?

In the realm of self-discovery and transformation, I practice and teach a powerful tool that invites you to name the voice in your head. It’s a practice that goes beyond simply acknowledging your thoughts; it’s about connecting with them on a personal level.

Why name the voice?

Naming your inner voice is like extending an olive branch to your own subconscious mind. It transforms an abstract stream of consciousness into a tangible entity with which you can engage. By personifying this voice, you open up the opportunity to understand it, befriend it, and ultimately, influence its tone.

Imagine if your inner critic had a name. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by its harsh judgments, you could say, “Hello, George, I hear you, but I choose to focus on my strengths today.” Suddenly, it becomes a conversation, not a one-sided critique.

Making Friends with Your Inner Narrator

  • Meet Your Narrator: Take a moment to tune in. What does your inner voice sound like? Is it stern, encouraging, or perhaps a little mischievous?
  • Choose a Name: Give your inner voice a name that resonates with its energy. Whether it’s a playful nickname or a symbolic moniker, this step adds a personal touch to your inner dialogue.
  • Engage in Conversation: When you notice your inner voice chiming in, address it by its name. Ask questions, seek understanding, and challenge any negativity with kindness. This creates a healthy dialogue that shifts the power dynamics.
  • Dial Down the Volume: As you develop a connection with your named inner voice, you’ll find it easier to dial down the volume when necessary. It’s like having a remote control for your thoughts, allowing you to choose which ones deserve your attention.

Remember, the goal isn’t to silence the inner voice completely. It’s about fostering a relationship that promotes positivity, self-compassion, and growth. By acknowledging and befriending the various aspects of your mind, you embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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