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"It's all about connection! Read about it in our own words, read our testimonials!"

From the Teens:

Quinlin A. 18

“Going into it, I was absolutely terrified. I was about to be put into a zoom room with fifteen people I don't know! But Lainie made it impossible to feel nervous the moment we got on the call. This course was one of the best things I've had the chance to take part in, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity. My favourite parts, by far, were the challenges that we were given - and the creative space that we had to do them with - , and the people that joined us on the course. I've never laughed so hard with a group of strangers in my life!

I learned so much about myself, and how I can take steps to make myself better, and how I can make my life goals a reality. I've always struggled with self-confidence, social anxiety, and the idea of the unknown future always terrified me, but after this course I'm not so scared anymore. I've had a safe space to talk about my fears and the shadows that followed me around, and I've come out of it now with so much knowledge, and so much confidence.

I am so thankful for Lainie and her calming, best-friend-ish energy. She's one of the truest, most amazing people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and I hope that other teens will get the chance to experience what I have. <3 .”

Leilani W. 17

"i was hesitant about joining the transformative teens course, because I didn’t feel ready to challenge things and work on myself in front of others. however, once I started opening up in the group calls and connecting with the other teens it gave me a good feeling, something to come away from feeling like i had shared myself.

although i’m still struggling with a fair few things that i was when i first started the course, i’ve had small improvements in other area’s such as becoming more self aware and self challenging, feeling aware of my defence mechanisms and trying harder to stick to my own beliefs and opinions rather than people-pleasing.

some exercises in the course helped me realise that certain family members of mine actually see me, and know me, and for me that’s a wonderful feeling.

despite still having many of the challenges i had when i joined the course i’m now somewhat equipped with ways to deal with some of them."

Alex M. 15

"It has been such a perspective widening experience being on this 12 weeks course, from the first meeting where I was having a panic attack to talking to you about my 🌟 daddy issues🌟 and it has been so much fun and opening experience.

I think the best way to express it is what I first said about it which is that it feels like an emotional drop kick that leads to smiling and I honestly couldn’t have imagined opening up and pushing myself anywhere as far as I have if it wasn’t for you [Lainie].

So thank you, and I will definitely hold you to your offer to keep in contact.😁 "

Danni H. 14

“My experience with this course has changed my life in the most incredible way, I have learned so much about my inner self, my passions, what I love to do, I've also learned that it's ok to step out of your comfort zone, I've learned so so much and how to deal with my emotions and so so much more!,Ive loved every single moment and I am so grateful to have had the experience that I have had with this course, I would love to do another one again. Thank you so so much!”

Harrison N. 20

“Lainie is not only a fantastic mother she is also one of the best teen mentors that I’ve met. While traveling with her through Japan I noticed how much respect all of the other teens had for her and how great she was with them. Through her mentorship I learned how to step out of my shell and later that summer I went to Europe all by myself and backpacked through the British isles, which is something that I was always too afraid to do. All I can say is your a lucky person if you get to have her as a mentor.”

Azra H. 17

“Have you ever been walking down a foreign road where you don’t speak the language, the map is like a puzzle to you and you just somehow keep ending up on the same twelve streets? Well, Lainie is that person that, no matter what language you speak, or what your shirt says, she’ll pull you over and make sure you find your nest. At least, on a more metaphorical matter, that’s how Lainie has always been with me.

I first met Lainie in Thailand in October of 2018. I had just dropped out of my sophomore year of high school, and used every penny I could scrape up to travel, and I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I opened up to Lainie and told her I have no idea what comes next for me and she said “that’s okay. You just broke out of a world that enclosed your spirit and flew to a whole other universe.” Now, i’m not sure if that’s word for word what she said, but you get the point.

A few months back I started this mentorship with Lainie on self-growth. I won’t go into too much detail about what we’ve been working on, but a big core value that she has taught me during this mentorship that just happens to be in the middle of this crazy pandemic, is that it’s okay to sit back and evaluate yourself and to put yourself first. I’ve really been working on only really focusing on what is good for me in my life today, and in my future and I honestly can say, I wouldn’t have come as far in these 5 weeks we’ve been exploring myself together and I can’t to see what the next 7 weeks hold for us.

I love Lainie as a crazy aunt who you know has your back through it all and i’m forever grateful for our friendship.”

Nova W. 17

“Lainie is the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ve only personally been on one trip with her, but without her I don’t think I would have been able to open up as much. She is so comfortable to be around and easy to open up to.

As someone who’s really shy I can say she got me to come out of my shell and be able to connect to those around me easily. And I’m sure so many others can say the same.

She’s so fun, easy going and can relate to us all so we always had a good time. And whenever there was a problem we could easily go up to her and address the situation- she’s everyone’s travel mom and we all love her!

So if you are someone that's similar to me and is seeking connection Lainie is absolutely the right person to come to!”

Riley D. 18

“I have known Lainie since 2017, she is one of the top people I would recommend if you are a teen wanting to travel, or looking for advice. She keeps it fun, interesting and safe. When I was traveling in Thailand with Lainie she was so caring and loving and always wanted to make sure we are having a great time. She has this special skill of being a parent but being a fun adventurous friend as well. I met Lainie at a worldschoolers summit and soon after that decided to go to Thailand with her. It was my first time traveling without family and I have to admit I was a little nervous but Lainie did a great job making me feel like there was a loving safety net always around me. I know my retreat with her changed me in ways I will always remember for the better. I’m super lucky to have done multiple summits and one retreat with her, she helped me open my eyes to the world.”

Maya C. 16

“Hey i’m Maya! I was apart of this amazing 12 week course. When I first dove into this course, not going lie I was scared this was completely out of my comfort zone. I pushed myself anyways because in the end I knew it would have some kind of benefit. I was completely right i’ve learned so many powerful tools that I will definitely keep for later on in my life.

Some of my favorite things i’ve learned is the importance of values, self love, nonviolent communication, and the biggest one for me is stepping outside of my comfort zone.

Before this course I was never one to step outside of my comfort zone, maybe a few times here and there. Throughout this course i’ve been able to expand that mindset by stepping outside of my comfort zone way more frequently whether it’s asking a new friend to hangout or just talking on the weekly zoom call more.

Lastly i’m so grateful for the lovely people i’ve met during this course. Let me tell you they were a funny group of people that always made me laugh and smile each week. They were also so supportive which I was not really use to but it made me feel so good inside. This 12 week course transformed me into a better thinking, happy, stepping outside of my comfort me!”

Miro S. 21

“This testimonial might be a bit biased as Lainie is my mom, but in a sense I was her guinea pig, so I’d like to share my experience from when I was a teenager with her here. Lainie Liberti has been so much more than a mom to me, often filling the roles of confidant, advocate, number-one fan and friend, when those were the things I needed most in my life.

She always held a space for me in which I could see my own reflection, could dive deeper and learn more about myself. She showed me a version of myself that I couldn’t always see, the best version of me, not because she had the expectation that that was what I needed to be, but because she believed in me and my own personal development.

Lainie showed me the blueprints to the many different types of people that I could become and filled my world with opportunity, and for that I am forever grateful.”

Reid R. 19

"Lainie Liberti is a dear friend and an amazingly charismatic individual, though travelling together on many occasions I have got to know her very well and witnessed how Lainie is able to connect with teens from all walks of life, including myself.

Whilst travelling around the world I saw Lainie not only encourage the teens around her to step out of their comfort zone but often stepping out of her own comfort zone to empower others to take a leap of faith and do the same in order to grow together.

Through kindness and empathy, Lainie fits in at ease with everyone and draws upon a plethora of knowledge accumulated from years of travelling alongside teens as well as life experience, not only to relate to teens but to use her skills to help and encourage those around her reach a better understanding of the world around them in order to journey forward, reach their goals and achieve some form of self-actualisation. Spending time with, and learning from Lainie's knowledge has taught me how to better connect with others, ponder the important questions and most importantly question everything."

Echo L. 20

"I was initially hesitant about the idea of a group course, but after my first conversation with Lainie I decided to take the plunge, and I’m so happy I did. Through it I gained important tools and resources to help me develop into the person I want to be, and got to be connected with a brilliant group of other young minds that I wouldn’t have had the chance to otherwise. I looked forward to every meeting, and I think I was able to develop a lot more confidence throughout it. I’m very grateful for the wonderful journey that I was able to take part in."

Jaci A. 16

“One would never think that an adult could actually connect with teens on such a deep level. Well that is Lainie! I have known Lainie for over a year now, and she always seems to amaze me. I was very nervous when I first met her in Spain, but she greeted me with all smiles and a big warm hug.

I have spent most of my time talking with adults, and I always felt as if they were looking down on me in a way because I am some 16-year-old kid with a big mouth.

I have never ever felt that way with Lainie. This past March, I was a volunteer at one of her Project World School Family Summits. I lived with her basically on my own the entire week. Every night was spent playing cards and talking about life. I have never been a very goal driven person, but Lainie helped me make so many personal goals! I opened up to her as if she wasn’t an adult, but someone who would listen and give me advice. Lainie really tries to understand and see things from each teen’s perspective. I couldn’t pick a better woman to run this course.”

Sydney V. 21

“I met Lainie through her working with Project World School when I was 15 which is a formative time for any person, but especially for me. Having recently left traditional school for something more meaningful, I was new to the concept of having so much freedom. To paint an even clearer picture, I was a teenage girl from the American south who had never been out of her own little bubble. Then I found Lainie.

Walking through a crowded airport to meet Lainie for the first time was one of the most nerve wracking experiences of my life! For the life of me I couldn’t remember why I ever decided to leave home to meet a complete stranger in a foreigner country.

Then I was greeted at arrivals with an exuberant smile and a tight hug...and everything was okay again. My relationship with Lainie developed as she facilitated my exploration of parts of the world I never imagined visiting and gave me safe space to venture out of my comfort zone. She was there to guide me through irreplaceable experiences that changed my entire outlook on the world around me.

Upon chatting with her, you realize what a unique individual Lainie is. She exudes a comfort and surety that immediately puts you at ease. She is passionate about youth empowerment and it’s clear that she is truly invested in the personal success of each person she meets. Her guidance and steadfast support through these last 6 years of my life gave me a renewed passion for life and learning that set me on my path to my current dream.”

Gianna C. 22

“The very first time I traveled out of the United States was also the very first time I was even in an airport, and I was going to be traveling to Mexico for one of Lainie’s retreats. I was incredibly nervous and debated not going on more than one occasion, but as soon as I arrived all of that went away! Lainie immediately made me feel at home in a place where I’d never been and didn’t even speak the language. Since then I’ve been on many trips with Lainie and I’ve learned so much from her, not only about travel but life in general. I’ve learned to question everything and consider all the variables. She’s taught me to take charge and be a stronger person than I was before. I consider her a friend and mentor and I truly can’t imagine what my life would be like if she’d never come into it, and I will be forever grateful for the opportunities she’s provided for me and many other teens/young adults.”

From the Parents of Teens:

Denaire N. - Parent

The work Lainie does and her dedication to teens is something I will cherish for a lifetime. She helped my son come out of his shell and take a huge leap in his emotional and cognitive development.

Lainie was leading a trip in Japan and he decided he’d try it. This trip was so out of his comfort zone, but because Lainie was leading it, he felt safe and excited. Yes there were times during the trip that he had a hard time, but Lainie has a way of helping teens see other ways around issues. She really makes them look at a situation and helps them visualize what they need and want from that moment.

She really cares for teens and it shows in the smiling, happy, independent traveler that came home a month later! He then booked a trip to Europe by himself for 42 days, that wouldn’t have happened without Lainie’s encouragement.

We are so thankful to have her in our lives and to be able to call her one of our best friends.

Belinda B.C. - Parent

"2020 was a year of many disappointments and sudden changes for my 16-year-old. I saw my teen beginning to lose her spark, feel like there wasn’t much to be excited about, and feelings of isolation began to creep in.

Transformative Mentoring for Teens was exactly what my teen needed at exactly the right time. She began to look forward to the calls, she felt like she had structure and direction again, and best of all her spark began to return.

The amazing mentorship provided by Lainie and the synergetic effect of the group proved to be the ultimate transformative mastermind for my teen. Her creativity exploded and she felt like she had direction and the ability to complete projects that had previously fallen by the wayside.

The connection between her cohorts in the program was wonderful. She made genuine connections and she felt a true sense of community.

I loved watching her embrace the curriculum and reflect on the weekly assignments which often led to wonderful family discussions.

I told my teen, so many adults wished they had a program like this, instead we end up paying for expensive life coaches! Thank you, Lainie for creating this amazing program, for bringing some joy to a rather dismal year, and for helping my teen reignite her creative fire and embrace all that she is. I am so very grateful!"

Alejandra R. - Parent

“It's hard to put into words the profound effect Lainie has had on my son. From the very first skype interview to be accepted onto project world school my son clicked with Lainie and was full of excitement. He loved the way he was treated as an equally important human, not looked down on as a child.

Over the last 4 years he has had many new awesome experiences with Lainie and the way she relates to teens and empowers them is so beautiful and natural. It is no doubt it's a hard few years, especially in today's world, having a person in your corner who gets you can transform outcomes for young people. I'm so happy that Lainie is there for young people as I know the difference she makes, every teen should have a Lainie!”

Taryn G. - Parent

“Darling Lainie, I don’t have words to express the gratitude we feel as a family to have found you and your wonderful work.

Watching [my daughter] grow, explore, develop, create and deepen her understanding of herself -while engaging in your course - was both an honour and a privilege. She learnt so much and her inner world completely transformed. My favourite memory is when she said to me:”Mom! I feel like I’m going skydiving- in my head!”

She has already decided to enroll in the next course as soon as it’s available!! My older son wants to do it too because he can see what an impact it’s made on [my daughter]’s life. What she has learnt engaging with u and the others on the course, will remain with her for life. She will always treasure that. We are truly grateful. Thank u for all u do.

I’d recommend not only that any teen should do it, I’d recommend that every teen should! ☺️

Dani A. - Parent

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about this course!! My eldest daughter is just finishing the 12 week course and has enjoyed every minute of it, and looked forward to the weekly sessions. I've watched her re-ignite her excitement for new projects and really expand her confidence levels. I highly recommend this course to parents who have worldschooling teens. Lainie's ability to really connect with the young people and to guide them to deeper personal discovery is amazing and priceless."

Theresa R. - Parent

"We recently started the unschooling process and were looking for mentorship with this transition for our high school teen. Our daughter really enjoyed the course, made new friends and became more self confident with her own ideas. Also we as parents learned a lot about letting go of our traditional thought processes, and we feel we are a better family for it. Thank you Lainie!❤️"

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