Navigating Transformation: Exploring the Teen Mentorship Experience.

When I first signed up to join Lainie’s Transformative Mentoring for Teens 12-week course, I was a little nervous. It was something just slightly out of my comfort zone, but instead of letting that anxiety decide for me, I took the lead from her advice (and her book, Seen, Heard & Understood) by stepping my foot out of my comfort zone and embracing the something new to come.

Over the past 4 weeks, Lainie has taken us through 4 slightly different, yet linked topics, over the course of two hours each week. I’ll go over the topics with a brief explanation soon, but first: 

In only 4 short weeks (feels like it anyway), we as a group have connected so well, that every meeting is always exciting and so fun to look forward to. Each of us has united with another over similar interests, hobbies, topics, and more. The space that Lainie has worked so hard to create for us as a group each meeting, is full of laughs and light, as well as an open and safe place for anyone to come forward with what they may feel they want to. Whether it’s sharing similar interests with another, or discussing different opinions on a certain topic, the space that Lainie has made for us is truly one of a kind and one that, I’m sure that I speak for the others when I say this, we are all grateful to have and share together. 

I look forward to the next 8 weeks, and to continuing the journey that Lainie is taking us all on together as a mentor and friend!! Here is a little glimpse into just some of the information and knowledge that Lainie has shared with us all through each week…

Week 1 – Masks and self-inquiry

Metaphorical masks, often worn to hide genuine thoughts and emotions, stem from societal pressures, personal insecurities, and the need to conform. Self-inquiry, a potent introspective practice, uncovers these masks, deepening self-understanding. By questioning beliefs, motivations, and fears, individuals peel away pretence to reveal authenticity. This process fosters genuine self-connection and enriches human interactions with newfound clarity and authenticity.

Week 2 – Core beliefs

Core beliefs, fundamental convictions underlying thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, shape our perceptions of the world and ourselves. They’re forged early in life, moulded by upbringing and experiences. Positive core beliefs bolster self-confidence and resilience, while negative ones foster self-doubt and limitations. Introspection and self-reflection are vital for personal growth, as they unveil the impact of these beliefs on our lives. Recognizing their influence empowers us to reshape them, cultivating a more positive self-concept and influencing our chosen life path.

Week 3 – World views

Worldviews are the lenses through which individuals perceive and interpret the world, shaped by cultural, social, and personal factors, including beliefs, values, and assumptions about reality and morality. Embracing others’ worldviews without judgment broadens our perspective, fostering empathy and understanding. By actively learning from diverse viewpoints, we gain insights into different cultural contexts, enriching our global understanding and promoting tolerance and meaningful connections. Embracing this diversity deepens our appreciation of human complexity, fostering a more inclusive, interconnected global society.

Week 4 – Unconscious and subconscious mind

The unconscious and subconscious mind, intricate facets of cognition, operate beneath conscious awareness. The subconscious holds thoughts, memories, and emotions accessible yet not in focus, while the unconscious delves deeper, housing hidden beliefs, desires, and fears, some conflicting with conscious values. Triggers unveil latent beliefs in thoughts, emotions, or behaviours, sparking self-discovery and growth. This reveals a chance to align hidden beliefs with conscious intentions, fostering an understanding of the intricate interplay within human psychology.

To wrap up…

Exploring the depths of the human psyche reveals a fascinating tapestry of concepts that shape our lives in profound ways. Masks, metaphorical facades we wear to conceal our true selves, can be unravelled through the practice of self-inquiry. Core beliefs, the foundational convictions that guide our thoughts and actions, play a pivotal role in shaping our identities. Embracing diverse worldviews without judgment broadens our perspectives and fosters empathy. Meanwhile, the unconscious and subconscious mind, repositories of hidden beliefs and emotions, can unveil themselves through triggers or events, offering opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth. Together, these topics illuminate the intricate and multifaceted nature of the human experience.

Allowing Lainie to guide us along on this rollercoaster of a journey together has already created friendships and a safe space, the energy of each weekly meeting is always outdone by the next. Though we are only 4 weeks into the 12, I personally cannot wait to explore those weeks together, backed and supported by Lainie, who is such an amazing rock as we each take time to find our own footing on the unsteady bridge leading towards adulthood.

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