The 8 Week Hero's Journey + 4 Day Retreat in Mexico

A transformational journey, for life.

for ages 13 +

8 Week Online Course + 4 Day in Person Mental Wellness Retreat in MEXICO for Teens & Young Adults

Define your own Hero’s Journey based on the work of Joseph Campbell. Our 8 week course and the 4 Day in person Mexico retreat is grounded in self-inquiry combining creative expression, writing, art, theater, self reflection, discovery and empowerment.

During the course & in-person event, participants will be guided to write their own story,  exploring  topics such as treasure, love, reward, approval, honor, status, freedom and survival.

Through a guided process, we’ll reflect on the symbolism and metaphors embedded within the Hero’s Journey in order to create our own transformational story.

The process challenges participants to question their limiting beliefs, dig into and identify their own shadow-monsters and play with new ways of seeing the world and ourselves. 


The 10 Day Hero's Journey Retreat

Transformation experience for life.


Online starting April 15 running 8 consecutive Mondays until June 3rd.

In Person takes place  June 6-9th


Online + Guanajuato, Mexico


Adventurous Teens & Young Adults, age 13-25

How Much?

$3,499 USD


Open +Accepting Applications

Follow The Hero's Journey

The 10 Day Hero's Journey Retreat

Daily Itinerary 

Week 1- You, As the Main Character

  • Arrivals
  • Welcome dinner
  • Noticing the ordinary world
  • Introduction to our main character

Week 2 -Answering the Call

  • Orientation & Icebreakers
  • Symbols & metaphors
  • The ordinary world & comfort zones
  •  What is your refusal to the call?
  • Unpacking emotions behind refusal
  • The supreme ordeal
  • Symbolism & metaphor 
  • Storytelling

Week 3 - Mapping Your World + Initiation

  • Mapping our world
  • Transforming a real-world challenge into a metaphor
  •  Who are your allies & enemies?
  • Developing strong story and strong characters

Week 4 - Adventure

  • Recognizing the edge of our ordinary world
  • Life outside of our comfort zones, what does that feel like?
  • Truly accepting call to adventure

Week 5 -Mentors, Tests & Allies

  • What is the role of the mentor?
  • Archetypes
  • The masks we wear 
  • Defining our thresholds 
  • Practicing our emotional power (dance and improv)

Week 6 -Facing Ourself - Facing Our Fears

  • Shadows workshop
  • facing the ordeal, the test, the engagement 
  • Understanding the dark night of the soul
  • Approaching the “inmost” cave- tapping into that emotional power
  •  the ordeal, the test, the engagement  

Week 7 -The Battle - Sword in Stone

  • Meeting our monsters
  • Battles
  • Resolution

Week 8- Atonement

  • Peering behind the viel
  • Reflection 
  • Step into our new triumphal selves
  • Transformational exercises

In Person Day 1 - My Hero's Journey1

  • Arrivals, trying on new clothes
  • Declare intentions & goal setting ceremony
  • Reflections

In Person Day 2 - My Hero's Journey

  • Movement & theater workshop
  • Writing workshop
  • Mask making workshop
  • Share our stories! 

In Person Day 3 -Departures - Return with Gifts

  •  Monster re-enactment
  • Final writing / editing workshop
  • Recognize transformed me
  • Presentations & Celebrations
  • Final circle
  • Farewell dinner

In Person Day 3 -Departures - Return with Gifts

  • Share my elixir
  • Travel confidently

Daily Schedule

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” ~Buckminster Fuller

Trip Details

Location - Guanajuato, Mexico

Color, culture and a bizarre obsession with a Spanish author come together in the underexplored Guanajuato state, the central highlands destination which lies just four and a half hours by bus from Mexico City.

Whether you’re looking for pretty-as-a-picture pastel buildings or a wealth of souvenir-buying potential, Guanajuato has everything, minus the frantic pace.

Best known for its Festival Cervantino, an arts festival that draws attendance from around the world, Guanajuato is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its old town dates back to the 16th century, and you can visit many of Mexico’s important religious and artistic sites. Guanajuato was also home to the Mexican independence movement and the site of the first failed rebellion against colonial rule.

Travel to Guanajuato, GTO

Guanajuato’s airport – aka Bajío International Airport – lies 30km west of Guanajuato city. Typically there are direct flights to/from several North American cities including Chicago (5 hours), Dallas (2 hours), Houston (two hours), and Los Angeles (three hours), as well as numerous flights to Mexico City (1hr).

Additional Information

What's Included?

  • Your Hero’s Journey Workbook 
  • Personal Journal
  • Resources & Documentation
  • Workshops
  • Retreat T-shirt
  • Stickers
  • All Meals (with the exception of travel days)
  • Transportation upon arrival to Guanajuato
  • Lodging during the retreat
  • All scheduled excursions
  • Friendship
  • Personal transformation
  • Unraveling your own unique Hero’s Journey

What's NOT Included?

  • Airfare to and from Guanajuato, Mexico
  • Snacks or soft drinks
  • Souvenirs
  •  Meals on travel days

Meet Your Hosts

Lainie Liberti

Lainie is a best selling author, international speaker, teen mentor,  worldschooler, partnership parenting paradigm advocate and mother. 
In 2012 Lainie co-founded Project World School with her son and has  lived in community with over a 100 teens in over 20 international locations.
Lainie founded Transformative Mentoring for Teens in 2020 in response to the growing need to support teen’s mental health. Lainie just released her first book, Seen, Heard & Understood, Parenting and Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health, number 1 best seller on Amazon in the Parenting New Releasees.
Lainie is also a community leader and alternative education advocate and often credited with spearheading the thriving worldschooling movement.
Read more about Lainie Liberti’s background and work here.

Fernando López Sánchez

Inspired by his grandfather’s expression, “If you don’t do it yourself, no one’s going to do it for you”, Fer loves learning new ways of creating and sharing experiences through art.

Fer is twenty seven years old, an avid watercolor enthusiast, digital artist, film maker and print maker. He believes creativity is the optimal way of sharing life, love and knowledge and ultimately connecting to one’s humanity.

Resident of Guanajuato, México, Fernando graduated from the Art School at the University of Guanajuato in 2018.

As a visual creator, he is interested in storytelling using whatever media is available and strives to always push his creative boundaries. His focus remains an emphasis on the human experience.

Fer believes that sharing is an important tool to creating community and as a facilitator of Project World School  teen retreats and now our newest Transformative Mentoring for Teens Hero’s Journey Retreat, Fer hopes to guide teens to feel at ease and provide a safe space for them to access their innate creativity.


A: Our Hero’s Journey Retreat includes the following:

  • Full accommodation for the duration of the retreat

  • All airport transfers

  • All ground transportation

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinners during the retreat

  • Entrance fees to all the included attractions

  • All workshops, talks, guided tours, and classes throughout the retreat.

  • Mentoring and community

  • Fun!

A: The cost does not cover extras such as souvenirs, toiletries, batteries, or other personal items. Laundry services are not included either. Additional snacks throughout the retreat are not covered and nor or soft drinks. Meals on travel days are not covered either, so please budget for that.

International flights from your home country to the retreat location are not included. If your home country requires covid testing before flight departure, that is not covered either.

A: Please submit an online application here.

A: Upon receiving your completed application, we will review it within 1 week. Upon review, we will then send you an email to arrange a Zoom conference call. After the conference call, you will receive a notification that will inform you whether or not you’ve been accepted to participate in the Hero’s Journey 10 day retreat.

A: The next step will be to make a $500 USD non-refundable deposit to hold your space. This deposit must be paid upon acceptance to the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat within 7 days.

you cancel due to an emergency 60 days before the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat starts on November 3rd. If you cancel 30 days prior to the November 3rd start date, you will receive 50% of any balance paid over the initial $500 USD deposit. If you need to cancel your reservation 15 days or under before the retreat begins, there will be no refunds honored.

You will receive the enrollment paperwork at that time with the payment dates to guarantee your spot. Transformative Mentoring for Teens is happy to arrange a payment schedule for the balance if needed.

A: Payments can be made via PayPal, wire-transfer via Wise, transfer with zelle, or you can make a deposit in any Bank of America branch in the USA. In some cases we’ll consider crypto currency but please message us for details.

A: Many participants will need to raise money to attend the retreats. We have put together a fundraising page with ideas for you here via our sister company, Project World School.

A: Yes you can make payments. Arrangements will be made on a person-to-person basis. Please contact us with questions here. All payment agreements will be outlined in the personalized enrollment paperwork that will be submitted with the initial deposit.

A: We will hold reservations until they sell out. All final payments are due 30 days prior to each retreat.  However, full (or partial) payment will be needed to hold your reservation after the initial $500 USD deposit.

A: Scholarships: No, at this time we are not offering scholarships. However we are always seeking sponsors to raise scholarships funds and that may change in the near future. Please check back with us regularly for the status.

Discounts: Yes. We are developing a teen – leader program for past participants of the 12 Week Transformational Course. If your teen has already taken the course and if if they wish to participate in the Hero’s Journey 10 Day retreat, we will offer a $299 USD discount. In the future we will be seeking participants who have participated in this Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat to come back and be a peer facilitator.

A: As outlined above, we will fully refund any payment beyond the initial deposit of $500 if you cancel attendance 60 days prior to November 3rd, 2022. Because we enter into an agreement with you that your intention is to attend the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat, we reserve accommodations, purchase tickets to attractions, etc. on your behalf prior to the trip. If you change your mind and decide not to attend after your deposit has been made, you will forfeit your deposit, which is non-refundable.

We do understand unexpected things can take you by surprise, such as illnesses, family emergencies, etc. If this is the case, we are willing to discuss the issue with you on a personal level and will work with you to figure out the best way to handle the situation in regards to the retreat. We have outlined our refund policy about but there are always exceptions.

We are not out to take your money; we are more interested in entering a trusting partnership with each retreat participant so we can experience an incredible journey together. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

A: You will need a valid passport if you are joining us as a citizen from any other country other than Mexico. Please check with your own embassy for specific requirements, visas and requirements. We do ask that you have a valid passport when submitting your application.

A: Most importantly of all, you must bring an enthusiastic open mind! This will catalyze your experience, no matter how you look at it.

As for ‘stuff’, we have prepared a generic packing list below. During the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat we’ll be staying a beautiful Hacienda, which is fully equipped. You can pack in a small suitcase or large backpack whichever you prefer. However we will take some day trips, and a day pack to carry your jackets, water bottles, etc. is preferred.

The weather will be on average 24 celsius / 75 degrees fahrenheit, but can be cooler and we may encounter some rain in November. You will want to pack clothes that are comfortable to move in, for our improv workshops, clothes that you are comfortable doing art in and don’t mind getting paint on, and comfortable clothing to lounge in. You will also need warm clothing for the evenings, when we head into town and have shorts and a bathing suit for the indoor pool in the Hacienda. It is always wise to pack layers, leggings, sweaters, thermals, a windbreaker, bathing suits, shorts, etc.  Be yourself, and be comfortable

Costumes. If you have items for costumes, please bring them. Wigs, capes, cosplay make up. But don’t bring specific character costumes, rather more generic pieces will work best.

will bring his or her desire to participate in as many things as possible and support the spirit of the journey.  We also encourage each participant to  trust the process enough to participate even when they are not interested, or if the activity is outside of their comfort zone. But it’s a fine line and if the participant feels they need to implement self care, and sit out of a certain activity, that will be honored. That is the spirit of a Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat and it’s facilitators.

A: Yes. We are requiring all teens to provide their own travel / heath insurance. This can be in the form of regular health insurance from the United States, some form of travel insurance, and even credit cards offer some type of coverage. We have negotiated a partnership with one of the leading travel insurance companies called World Nomads. Click here to get a quote for coverage for the retreat you are interested in participating in.

A: Yes. However, we apply the principles of  honor and respect. We encourage discovery and independence and we provide the space and freedom to achieve it, but for the sake of the community we will impose certain safety rules and ask that each person respects and agrees to these necessary guidelines at the beginning of each retreat. We will ask everyone to sign and agree to a code of conduct which covers our mutual policies.  If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a note using our general contact form here.

A: Yes. We will have wifi in the Hacienda. Additionally we try to post a few photos of each of the days so your family and friends can see what some of the activities and workshops. Each participant is encouraged to bring either a laptop, ipad or smart phone loaded with Zoom, Skype, Facetime, or email to keep everyone at home up to date.

A: We have a code of conduct and it involves first and foremost a deep respect for ourselves, one another and our host country. We foster a culture of open communication through our evening “circles” and sharing with one another. Each participant will receive the code of conduct agreement within their welcome packet. Some of our mutual agreements include respecting personal and public property, being responsible for our own well being and to always act with compassion. If conflicts arise we agree to address them immediately and if necessary mediate and resolve them using principles of non-violent communication.

We encourage connection with one another, but sexual activity is not allowed.

In regards to language, we will never censor an opinion or use of swearing or profanity as long as it is used in the spirit of friendly conversation. We will not tolerate hate, bigotry, or disrespect of another human being, culture, or situation on any level.

We agree that violating any these agreements offers grounds for dismissal from the retreat.

A: Well, as just stated above, there’s the code of conduct that must be agreed to. There’s also the required completed enrollment papers. And of course, complete payment must be made. But besides those things, there must be an agreement of participation, an agreement of open-mindedness, and an agreement of respect.

A: Among the teens, we will not tolerate any alcohol, legal, or illegal drug use.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact us  here.

the retreat location. You will be required to provide us with your flight information and the Hero’s Journey 10 Day Retreat staff will meet you at the airport and see you off when you leave.

A: We work hard to find an appropriate retreat center for our retreats. The requirements are shared sleeping rooms, some with bunk beds, shared bathrooms. The Hacienda has a beautiful dining space, a meeting space and we have access to all kitchen facilities. For more info about our lodging, please see the info above.

A: Because we are are having a local experience, it’s important to have an open mind with the food choices. However we recognize we all have food preferences, some even have food allergies. We make our best efforts to accommodate everyone’s specific needs. We will always have one vegetarian option. Typical breakfasts include a combination of fruits, breads, jams, hot and cold cereals, coffee, teas, and juice. Packed lunches will be sandwiches, salads and fruit.  Dinners will vary, and will always include the local flavors often times exploring traditional dishes.

A: We’ll do our best. It will be up to you to describe in detail the full extent of your issues. We will discuss this during your Zoom interview, so please be sure to outline your sensitivities clearly in your application.

A: No, you do not need to be any of those to participate. But it you are not familiar with natural learning and self-inquiry, we suggest you read up on it and explore what natural learning is to you. You are welcome to come with open mind and heart, and we’re eager to have you.

A: We would like to say as a general rule, “Come! Join us!” But we’re not sure that we can accommodate everyone. A good portion of our  retreat will include movement, theater, improv, hiking an other physically demanding activities. Let’s talk about it and if we can find a way to make it work for you we will do it. If you have true concerns about this, send us a message through our general contact form before submitting an application.  The form is located here.

A: No. We are not affiliated to any religious group, practice, or deity. We do however, recognize the most important factor of all: we are all part of the human race.  

(…except the aliens, of course…)

Our covid policies are to follow the regulations of the country. Currently Mexico does NOT require proof of covid vaccination. We will not be requiring proof of vaccination and welcome both vaccinated and non-vaccinated teen participants. We will be wearing masks where required but while we are in our Hacienda, masks will not be required. We do ask that everyone comes healthy and manages their own health routine.

Still more questions that weren’t answered here? Please send us a message via our contact form.


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