The Family Partnership Transformation Coaching System

Transformation tools for life.

for families with teens and/or tweens

Is your family struggling? Do you feel disconnected? Is your teen withdrawn and non-responsive? Does is seem like everyone is talking "at" each other instead of truly connecting?

Our new Family Partnership Transformation Coaching System is a  personalized system designed to take your family from coercion to connection, from an authoritarian paradigm to one of partnership and to teach your family  powerful tools, designed to transform your lives and support your children by developing a healthy teen brain. 

During our 8 month journey together your family will  uncover and actively change the beliefs patterns causing disconnection and work with powerful tools both individually and as a family to recognize  your patterns,  beliefs and fears which impact your daily lives. 

Each week, we introduce new tools and challenges to help your family respond and practice living  together with greater connection and partnership.  

Tools include self-inquiry, identifying fears,  questioning limiting beliefs and  designing  individual strategies based your emotional reaction imprint. We’ll help you to identify your  habitual behaviors and reprogram the beliefs underneath and help each member of your family to  adapt a better coping habits and self care tools . Finally each member of your family will be become accountable for each challenge and have a safe space to reflect and unpack what is “working” and what is not. 

The 8 month program consists of two weekly hour-long meetings, one with the parents and one with the teen. There will also be one additional session at the end of the month, consisting of 8 group sessions.  

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Transformational courses for families!

The 8 Month Transformation Coaching for Families

This 8 month system  is designed to be:   25% tools, 25% coaching,  25% goals & accountability and 25% inner journey =  100% transformation!


Transformation tools for life.

The program information is designed to empower your family through a body of knowledge, experiential exploration, and deep inquiry important for your family’s transformation!

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.”
~Buckminster Fuller

The 8 Month Transformation Course for Families

The Program Process:

The  Family Partnership Transformation Coaching System requires a separate weekly one-hour commitment from both the parent(s) and the teen.  (For more than one teen please inquire for additional fees.)   In addition, both the parent(s) and the teen  will meet  together with your facilitator  for  a monthly wrap up and review.  All meetings will take place via zoom.

Each week we  1.) review and reflect the week’s work  2.) engage  – deep inquiry follow up work 3.) introduce and explore  new weekly themes. 

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building the skills and strategies necessary for your family’s  transformation. 

What is the fee for the 8 - month Family Partnership Transformation Coaching System?

Your investment for 8 months  is only $14,999* USD

*OPTION #1:,

$14,999 USD – single payment


5 monthly payments of $3,500 USD

Accepted Payment Methods:

Payments accepted through bank transfer,   paypal wise (formerly transferwise) or crypto currencies.

Details provided after acceptance. 

All families  registered   in our Family Partnership Transformation Coaching System will receive a digital version of Lainie Liberti’s new book: Seen Heard & Understood  –Parenting & Partnering with Teens for Greater Mental Health  . This book is packed with many of the same tools we use during the 8 month course. 


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