Transformational Course for Teens

Transformation tools for life.

“Teens need partnership, someone on their side, someone to hear their stories with compassion and without judgement. Teens need tools to help them face life’s challenges (especially in a changing world), to help them question limiting beliefs, identify patterns and shine a light on their shadows. Teens need someone who really sees them for who they are, for who they want to be and help them create and execute a plan to reach their goals through support and accountability. Teens need a mentor who can safely reflect back their blind spots and normalize growth and change without shame or fear. Teens need to be celebrated, empowered and challenged.
These things are only possible through partnership and deep respect and many times, much more effective with an adult from outside of their immediate family.
Teens need a mentor. I am this person… “
~Lainie Liberti

Transformational Courses & Group Coaching for tweens, teens and young adults.

Currently we have two courses available for tweens, teens, and young adults, info below. If you are seeking 1:1 coaching for your teen, please visit our coaching page

The 12-Week Transformation Course for Teens is a group coaching program & course designed to prepare your teens with tools to transform their lives (and yours). This course focuses on  tools to prepare your teens towards greater independence, empowerment and managing challenges. 

Course for teens & young adults 14 years old and up!

desperate, sad, depressed

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The 8-Week Transformation Course for Teens is a group coaching program & course designed to prepare younger teens with tools to transform their lives with an emphasis on self love and building confidence.

Course for tweens & teens ages 11-13 years old 

desperate, sad, depressed

Courses Starting Soon!

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10 Day Mental Wellness Retreat for Teens & Young Adults

Define your own Hero’s Journey based on the work of Joseph Campbell. Our 10 Day retreat is grounded in self-inquiry combining creative expression, writing, art, theater, self reflection, discovery and empowerment.

During our retreat, participants will be guided to write their own story,  exploring  topics such as treasure, love, reward, approval, honor, status, freedom and survival.

Through a guided process, we’ll reflect on the symbolism and metaphors embedded within the Hero’s Journey in order to create our own transformational story.
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Course for teens & young adults 11 years old and up!

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The Programs Process:

Please check each course page for specific details, but each    course will meet once a week at the scheduled  time for a  group zoom call. 

Each week we  1.) review and reflect the week’s work  2.) engage  – deep inquiry follow up work 3.) introduce and explore  new weekly themes.  Each course is designed to build a body of knowledge based on the last week,  all with the commitment of self transformation. 


In addition to each weekly class meet up, every participant  will communicate throughout the week via our dedicated course discord server and be responsible for the weekly “challenges”, check -ins and link shares each week. 


The transformational course includes monthly individual 1:1 coaching calls in order to personalize the experience  and create  accountability towards monthly goals. 


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