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Transformative Mentoring for Teens is private one a one-on-one coaching or a 12 week group program designed to prepare your teens with tools to transform their lives (and yours). 

Teens have a lot of stressors in a world of expectations placed on them by society, family, peers, surrounding culture and even by themselves. Most teens don’t recognize these stressors which often leads to negative habitual thinking, oftentimes resulting in behaviors we recognize as anxiety, depression, anger, rebellion and withdrawal. Research concludes that what teens need are meaningful connections in their lives and mentoring from non-parental adults. Lainie Liberti partners with teens to facilitate self discovery, which helps them uncover what they most want, and what the paths are to get there. 

Teens explore topics to facilitate a deeper understanding of what’s coloring their worlds, practicing new techniques and reflecting during weekly one-on-one discussions. Each week brings more inquiry and exploration through a set of tools, activities and resources. The 12 week coaching program consists of weekly one-on-one meetings, mid-week check ins and three monthly group calls.

Transformative Mentoring for Teens

Lainie works directly with tweens,  teens and young adults who are ready to grow their confidence, own their voices, develop resilience, and thrive, not just survive during  these  important transitional years.

Mentoring offers teenage clients the invaluable time and space to explore their inner and outer worlds and  show up in empowered ways. The key to her teen mentoring is connection. Through connection, Lainie provides tools tailer fit for each situation. 

siblings, brother, sister

Mentoring empowers your teen by looking what’s alive  in their lives right now, without judgement or exceptions.

Lainie facilitates  a safe space for diving under the surface, uncover limiting beliefs and transforms them into actionable steps in order to create powerful transformations.

Is Coaching or Mentoring the same as Therapy?

No, it is not.

Coaches and mentors do NOT diagnose teens. They do focus on where the teen is now and help them to move forward to where they want to be. Mentoring does not focus on the past or past events. Mentoring is NOT therapy or psychological help and if your teen is suffering from mental health issues you should first speak to your doctor or therapist. Mentoring works in perfect harmony with therapy,  mental health counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy.


What are the Payment Options?

Coaching sessions are booked in monthly increments. Each week includes a 1 hour and 20 minute session +  one weekly accountability check in.

Monthly cost is $600 USD

Please book a consultation and we’ll discuss payment options with you.

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How Do I Get Started?

Talk to your teen. Show them this web site. Show them the program outline. Ask them to consider their life now and if this is something they see as beneficial. Then ask,  if they wish to participate. The only way this program works is if the teen wants to be a part of the partnership process and is interested in taking action for themselves. If the teen says yes, download this pdf and fill it out together. Then, schedule your short 25 minute consultation with both the parent(s) and teen.

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