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💪🏾Powerful Support for Parents of Tweens, Teens & Young Adults!! ⏰ – Time Sensitive

Hello Warriors (Parents of Teens)! It’s been a while since I sent out any updates, but happy to connect with ...
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5 Tips, Tools & Reminders to Help You Connect with your Teens & Tweens

1. Listen - Really actually listen - what does it mean to hold space? Watch for your triggers, hold space ...
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🍕 Jimothy In The Pizza With Oxen🍕

🧑‍🎤So today, during our teen hang out, we did a "mad-lib" to the Beatles song Lucy in the Skies with ...
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Peek Into Our 12 Week Transformative Mentoring for Teens Course

Do you know a teen or young person who could benefit from this? Get your teen on the waiting list ...
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5 🙏🏻Tools🙏🏻 to Help Your Teen Deal With Change This Coming Fall

2020 Shall Forever Be Known as the Year of Changes and Transitions Change and transitions are inevitable. Throughout our lives, ...
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🤔Got Teens? Is this true for you? 😩Parents want connection with their teens. 🙄Teens want autonomy.

Are you exhausted from trying to talk to your teen, but all you get is an eye roll or a ...
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Awesome Teen Made TicToc Video!

Check out this amazing video Kaylin made for us! She will be joining a group of teens this September to ...
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Helping Parents Helping Teens with the Big Feelings of Hopelessness About Current Events

I recently received this message from a concerned parent of a teen: QUESTION: My teens (and a lot of their ...
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Lainie Liberti interviewed on LA Talk Radio

Interview Jessica Rodriguez, host of the internet show called The Polished Woman, interviewed Lainie Liberti about her life, travel, homeschooling, ...
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5 FREE tools you can use today to support your teens!

Looking for ways to support your teen? https://youtu.be/BmlhPkOMAw4 This video is offering a little insight and support for parents who ...
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