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Lainie Liberti is the founder and creator of the Transformative Mentoring for Teens Program. She is a certified life coach, specializing in confidence coaching and working with youth.  Lainie is the Co-Founder and Facilitator of Project World School, a company she started with her then, teenage son, Miro Siegel. Project World School retreats are designed for teens and young adults, inspiring temporary learning communities around the world. Over the past seven years, Lainie has lived in community with teens in over 20 international locations, facilitating teens to learn from the outer worlds as a vehicle for reflection of their inner worlds. Lainie is also an author, community leader and alternative education advocate and helped start the thriving worldschooling movement. 

Lainie has a talent for connecting with young people facilitating focus, plowing through obstacles and helping them to unhinge limiting self beliefs. Lainie is NOT interested in telling teens what to do, rather she IS interested partnering with them to move through whatever is holding them back from growing into their best selves

Lainie’s own adolescence was filled with anger, loneliness, rebellion and many self-sabotaging behaviors. She remembers her greatest desire from that period of her life: just wanting connection, someone who understood her, someone who saw her for who she was. 

As Lainie became a parent, she shifted her interests to studying attachment parenting, which then led down a rabbit hole of self directed healing and addressing her own disorganized attachment style. Her research brought into focus the reprogramming of her own limiting beliefs and healing past traumas. As a result, she’s an advocate for conscious parenting. 

However, no greater impact in her life was felt when she started facilitating teens at the Project World School retreats. Lainie designed a program, a way of being in community focused on extending secure attachment principles to the adolescent experience based on the work of Dr. Daniel Siegel and others. The Project World School retreats empower teens to step out of their comfort zones in safety (risk taking), question everything  (rebellion), work in collaboration (social learning) and strive for consensus in a community setting. Most of all, she was able to create a culture where teens are seen, heard, understood and their thoughts and opinions mattered. Living and working in community with teens has been tremendously healing for Lainie, as she’s been able to experience the very thing she did not have growing up, thus allowing her to heal her own inner teenager. 

Lainie recognizes the challenges of adolescence and has the ability to connect with teens in spaces they need connection. She believes in inspiring and supporting teens to find their intuition and learn to trust who they are as unstoppable and amazing people.

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