The 6-Week Hero's Journey Course

Transformational journey, for life.

for ages 11 +

The 6-Week Hero’s Journey is a course grounded in self development combined with reflective fiction writing. Each participant should be efficient in the English language and have a love for creative writing. 

During our 6 week course, participants will explore  topics such as treasure, love, reward, approval, honor, status, freedom and survival, and find meaning in the Hero’s Journey as a way to look into  our own lives for inspiration (and recognition).

Together, we’ll reflect on  symbolism and metaphor as the Hero’s Journey follows the twelve distinctive steps as defined through  Joseph Campbell’s work.

Every week we’ll make our way through  a new stage (or three) of the Hero’s Journey. During our class discussion we’ll explore the nuances and reflect on our own lives to uncover our personal Hero’s Journey.   After each class, every participant will have a writing challenge for that week. 

Af the end of the 6 weeks, every participant will have written their own aspirational work of fiction (based on their own personal truth) describing their own Hero’s Journey

This course is designed to be a powerful process combining creativity, writing, self reflection, discovery and empowerment. 

The Hero’s Journey course consists of six weekly 1.5 hour meetings, mid-week check ins through our Discord server,  and access to peer mentoring throughout. Also, each participant will  receive feedback on their final story and will be published on our blog with full author credit. 

Course is designed for young people ages 11+ years old

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The 6-Week Hero's Journey Course

This 6 week course is a combination of a writing course and a commitment into self exploration. You can expect 25% course learning, 25% self inquiry, 25% creative writing,  25% goals & accountability and a solid  100% commitment to the inner journey


Transformation tools for life.

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The program information is designed to empower your teen through a body of knowledge, experiential exploration, and deep inquiry important for their transformation. 

The Hero's Journey

“If you want to teach people a new way of thinking, don't bother trying to teach them. Instead, give them a tool, the use of which will lead to new ways of thinking.” ~Buckminster Fuller

The 6-Week Hero's Journey Course

Read our class syllabus  below. Every participant will be asked to read (or listen to) the book The Alchemist written by Paulo Coelho  prior to the  course commencing. 

Week 1- You, As the Main Character

  • Overview of the Hero’s Journey & Course
  • You, as the main character
  • Understanding symbols & metaphors
  • Habits for success, tools & expectations
  • The ordinary world & comfort zones

Week 2 -Call to Adventure

  •  What is the refusal to call?
  • Unpack emotions behind refusal
  • The supreme ordeal
  • How do we refuse in our own lives?
  • Symbolism & metaphor brainstorm

Week 3 - Initiation

  • What is the role of the mentor?
  • Archetypes
  • Defining the threshold 
  • What is a test?
  • Transforming a real-world challenge into a metaphor
  •  Who are your allies & enemies?
  • Developing strong story characters

Week 4 -Unification & Transformation

  • Understanding the dark night of the soul
  • Approaching the “inmost” cave- tapping into that emotional power
  •  the ordeal, the test, the engagement
  • The exhale, the reward 

Week 5- Road Back Home

  • Restoring balance
  • Atonement
  • Resurrection, in which the last test is met
  • The final face-off with darkness
  • The triumphant homecoming

Week 6 - Our Hero's Journey

  • Reflections on the process
  • Celebrate our journeys
  • Share our stories! 

The  course meets once a week in a scheduled  1.5 hour group zoom call (time TBD).  The 6-Week Hero’s Journey  Course  will meet on 6  CONSECUTIVE MONDAYS, STARTING SOON!
Each week we:

  • review and reflect the week’s work
  • engage  – deep inquiry follow up work
  • introduce and explore  new weekly themes

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building the skills and strategies necessary for self- transformation.

In addition to each weekly class, every teen is accountable for a short weekly (text) check in and group progress report. 

What are the Payment Options?

Course Tuition : $375 USD ( 1 payment)  

A two  payment option is also available. 
(2 payments of $215) 

Payments are accepted either  through paypal or transferwise.

Details provided after acceptance. 

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Are you ready for change?

Parents, should book a consultation with Lainie to make sure it's a match. Teens can fill out the application below.

How Do I Get Started?

Talk to your teen.  Show them this web site.  Show them the program outline.  Ask them to consider their life now and if this is something they see as beneficial. Then ask,  if they wish to participate. The only way this program works is if the teen wants to be a part of the partnership process and is interested in taking action for themselves.  If the teen says yes, parents should book a consultation first. Then the teen should fill out the course application on their own.

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