Looking for ways to support your teen?

This video is offering a little insight and support for parents who have teens at home and may be struggling right now.

I really want to help parents and teens with tools to move through the challenges of a changing world with grace and providing 5 FREE tools and strategies you can use right now.

Click to access the Trigger Log.

Click to access  4 Mindfulness Exercises, Techniques & Activities here.

Wheel of Awareness by Dr. Daniel Siegel.

Below you’ll find information about one of my favorite mindfulness exercises.

I’m sharing it here in 4 steps:
1. Watch this video of about the Wheel of Awareness first so it will make sense. -click here-
2. Download the PDF and print it out so you have it as reference.

3. Do the Wheel of Awareness guided meditation at least 2 times a week. Access the guided meditation here.

4. Journal about it.


BONUS: Here is a worksheet I use in the 12 Week Teen Transformative Course to help teens start  thinking around beliefs, belief systems and limiting beliefs. It’s a powerful exercise to do as a family as well -Download here-