Teens desire CONNECTION

I know how to connect, empower & support.

But that’s not enough.
Teens need tools & autonomy to self-direct their healing in order to thrive for life.

What is This? 

Transformative Mentoring for Teens offers  1:1 coaching and  courses designed to transform teen’s lives (and yours).

How does it work?

Every week each offering brings inquiry and exploration through tools, activities and resources.

Transformative Mentoring For Teens  is designed to empower your teen through a body of knowledge, experiential exploration, and deep inquiry important for their transformation. 

What can teens expect?

Our programs work only if teens have skin in the game. But if they do, here are some results you can expect to see.

Teens will:

  • find their voice
  • grow confidence and greater self-esteem
  • recognize their gifts and talents
  • create a plan to execute on goals
  • create a habit of practicing self coaching skills
  • learn to question limiting beliefs
  • feel empowered
  • experience a greater sense of emotional well-being
  • discover potential and purpose
  • stop worrying about what others think about them
  • recognize positive risks and become adventurous
  • manage time better focused on getting stuff done 
  • know how to deal with conflict and manage anger better
  • transform their lives 

The real proof is in the words of the teens themselves! Does Lainie really connect with these young people and provide value?

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How can transformative mentoring help your family?

Most of all, parents want their teens to be joyful, confident and to live their life with value and purpose. If parents were capable of granting three magical wishes to their teens, we’re certain this would be at the top of the list. But sometimes the struggle to get there is rough and takes a toll on the family. And sometimes the parent is just too close to be the teen’s guide, unable to facilitate their child’s access to their own joy, confidence, values and purpose. And sometimes, from  the teen’s perspective,  the frustration of not having a clear path to these things explodes in the form of behaviors we recognize as anger, withdrawal, rebellion, depression and even anxiety. And at times, those behaviors can be so very big, that the entire family space is completely filled with these behaviours leaving space for anything else.  Mentoring can be powerful. Mentoring can transform those family spaces back into a place of safety, peace and harmony. 

Are you a parent?

Are you a teen?

How do our programs work?

Individual mentoring focuses on one specific issue. Together your teen will work with a mentor to address a specific challenge, use tools to achieve a measurable goals and practice accountability in partnership. For more information on individual coaching, please click here

During our Transformation Courses for Teens & Tweens, we explore topics to facilitate a deeper understanding of what’s coloring their worlds, practicing new techniques and reflecting during weekly classes and participate in weekly challenges to go deeper. Each week brings more inquiry and exploration through a set of tools, activities and resources. The 12 Week Transformational Course consists of weekly 2 hour meetings, mid-week check ins and one monthly 1:1 coaching call. The 8 Week Transformational Course for younger teens and tweens follows a similar format, only the content is designed to be more age appropriate.

Each week the topic of focus builds upon the last, building skills for transformation.

Who is the Transformative Teen Mentor?

Lainie Liberti is the founder and creator of the Transformative Mentoring for Teens Program. She is a certified life coach, specializing in confidence coaching.  

Lainie is the Co-Founder and Facilitator of Project World School, a company she started with her then teenage son, Miro Siegel. Project World School Retreats are designed for teens and young adults, inspiring temporary learning communities around the world. Over the past seven years, Lainie has lived in community with teens in over 20 international locations, facilitating teens to learn from the outer worlds as a vehicle for reflection of their inner worlds. 

Lainie is also an author, community leader, an alternative education advocate and helped fuel the thriving worldschooling movement. 

A Valuable Course For Teens, For Life!

Transformative Courses

Our courses are designed to arm your teens with tools to transform their lives (and yours).

Why Mentoring?

Teens thrive through meaningful relationships. Teens with mentors have more self-confidence, self esteem, and are able to create big goals for themselves.

Teen Retreats

Find out more about Project World School’s temporary learning communities, worldschooling retreats for teens in different international locations. Step outside of your comfort zones and grow!

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